About the Company

We are a Digital Agency specialized in developing and managing ad campaigns on Google Ads (Search, Display, Video and Shopping), for small and large companies, with a focus on continuous improvement and delivering results.

Founded in 2015, we serve companies from different sectors of the economy and from several cities in Brazil. This gives us a broad knowledge of the Brazilian market as a whole, the seasonality and specifications of each region, and also promotes constant learning about the challenges of daily life.

Our way of working seeks regular contact with the company, aiming to understand its main objective and directing its campaigns to get the most out of it, so that the company can consistently reap the rewards of its investment.

We believe that all businesses can advertise on Google Ads, no matter what their size or budget. With the goal defined, we can create several solutions that will facilitate sales, increase contacts and make your company more profitable.


Our Mission is to enable companies and freelancers to achieve their growth goals through Google Ads ads, in addition to being a company that generates profit and professional development for its employees.


To be a company recognized for the reliability and exceptional quality of its services. For employees, to be a healthy and welcoming work environment, but with constant challenges.