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With Google Ads, you can have multiple marketing solutions centralized in a single tool.

Whether it’s showing your ads to customers as they search for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps, while browsing Display Network sites, using Gmail, or watching their favorite YouTube videos, each of the solutions was designed to help you guide your customer through each step of the buying journey. Find out more about each of the solutions below.

Search Network Ads


Your potential customers are out there, right now, looking for the products and services you offer. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show up exactly when they need you most?


The ads on the Search Network are targeted to companies and services that need to show their ads when the person searches, increasing the chance of the customer to get interested and get in touch, facilitating the work of the sales team.


As it has a greater chance of contact, it is also a more popular service, which increases the click price, according to the niche and region. Therefore, it is very important to analyze what you want to advertise, to understand how much is being paid for the click, and thus draw a strategic plan that will bring results for your company.

Ads on the Display Network and Gmail


Using the Google Display Network as your advertising ally, you can reach over 90% of global Internet users across more than three million apps and websites.


With on-display ads, you’ll be able to define which sites you want to appear on, according to topic, or target according to user, such as age, income or gender. With this, you will not spend money on people who are not within your customer profile, and create greater consideration for your brand, by keeping it active in users’ minds.


With Gmail advertising, people will see ads while using Google email, with the same targets as Display. This way, you can reach people in one more channel, in a segmented way, and with greater assertiveness regarding the defined audience, working as an “e-mail marketing”.

Ads on the Video and Youtube Network


Video is the most powerful way to tell stories. If an ad is not seen and heard, it will not have the opportunity to affect brand perceptions, create purchase intent, or drive action.


Video ads are growing more and more with the popularity of YouTube, and showing your branded video to your customers will help boost consideration as well as attract more attention than static ads.


Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a TV commercial, you can adjust the budget you will allocate to your video and reach only the people who have a real desire and need for your product, increasing the chance of interaction or purchase. With this, you have total control over your expenses, in addition to being able to maximize the cost x sale ratio of your marketing strategy.

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