Common Questions

Common Questions

– What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (which was known as Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express) is an online advertising solution that companies use to promote their products and services on Google Search, YouTube, and other sites on the web. let companies choose specific goals for their ads, such as generating more phone calls or site visits. With a Google Ads account, advertisers can customize their budgets and targeting, and start or stop showing ads whenever they want.


– What is Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express?

Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express are the old names of the new and improved Google Ads.


– How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads displays your ad when people search online for the products or services you offer. With smart technology, Google Ads delivers your ads to potential customers at the right time, when they’re ready to take an action.

Start by selecting your goal, such as attracting more visitors to the site or generating more phone calls for the business.

Then select the geographic area where you want the ad to appear: it can be within a small radius of the business or a much wider area, such as cities, states, or entire countries.
Finally, create your ad and set a monthly budget.

Once your ad is approved, it will appear whenever users in the targeting area search for a product or service like yours. You only pay if users interact with the ad, for example, when they click on it or call the company.


– What are the different types of Google Ads ads?

There are three basic types of Google Ads ad:

  • Campaigns in search network: often display text ads on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a product or service similar to yours;
  • Display Network Campaigns: typically show image ads on websites or apps that customers visit;
  • Video Campaigns: typically display 6- or 15-second video ads before or during YouTube content playback.


What is CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising?

CPC (cost-per-click) and PPC (pay-per-click) are advertising models where you only pay for an ad if someone clicks on it.

See other available models:

  • Cost per impression: you pay based on the amount of times your ad is displayed (not the clicks you receive)
  • Cost per engagement: you pay when a user completes a predefined engagement (like watching a video ad)


How much does it cost to advertise on Google Ads?

The cost of Google Ads is determined by your budget settings. Google Ads works with almost any budget. You are only charged if users interact with your ad, for example, when they click to visit your website or call your business. With Google Ads, there is no minimum spend or contract duration requirement. You can stop showing ads at any time. The cost of a click varies depending on a few factors. Learn more.


How do I start advertising on Google?

Please go to contact us, and we will assist you in the process of creating an account and setting up the campaign.

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