What are Sponsored Links?

What are Sponsored Links?

Sponsored Links are advertisements that appear in searches made on Google, Bing or other platforms that offer advertising space on the internet, in addition to graphic advertisements displayed on websites and internet applications.

If you are looking to launch a web advertising campaign or increase your website traffic, this is a simple and effective way. With Sponsored Links, your website will immediately be seen at the top of searches, in addition to appearing on the main websites and applications.

Many companies are betting on this solution to solve the problem of lack of traffic or sales, but they are faced with a complex campaign configuration, which ends up not having the expected effect. With the right setup, all businesses can achieve their goals with online advertising.

But is this advertising for your company? What are the advantages of this service?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sponsored Links


– Increase the Company’s Visibility;
– Faster results;
– More diversified audience segmentation options;
– Measurable Results.

How Important is Account Manager in Google Ads?


A campaign with Sponsored Links can bring you a lot of sales, as well as a lot of expenses. When the campaign is done right, it can be the missing piece to your company’s effective online presence. And for the campaign to spend only what is necessary and get the maximum return, it is important to have an experienced Account Manager.

Many people have already tried to venture into Google Ads on their own, and suffered losses for not having the right knowledge within the tool. CPC, CTR, CPM, Impressões, and many other acronyms and words can confuse first-time entrants, making some people even give up on the investment.

The Account Manager will be responsible for turning your investment into Clicks, Impressions and new customers, maximizing your investment. They help companies determine how to make the best ad, how to improve clickthrough rate (CTR), how to keep the cost-per-click low, and at the end of each month show reports on how the campaign is doing.

Having a manager aligned with your company’s objectives will provide you with better results in your campaign, in addition to being able to closely monitor the results, month by month.

But do you know what your campaign costs will be? Read this post, and learn more about how the price paid is formed, and how to prepare for this investment.

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